Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great ways to advertise your ebay listings...

      Well lately I've been putting my site together, and it's been a rough start.  I guess I didn't realize when you put so much on your plate there are bound to be some issues.  But I'm learning a lot on the way and I've realized it's really not that big of a deal. 
     Any ways as far as advertising go, I've learned a new term out there, which has probably been around for awhile but I'm just now find out.  It's called BUMBING.  No, not bumbing and grinding, but bumping your site, it advertises your ebay listing with a picture on someones website and links it to your listing.  It's completely free, here is a site that explains how to do it. - Ehow - How to Bump Your eBay Auctions .  There are also sites where you can bump a website link, ehow links, and even more catagories.

   I also found a site called - - Apps which make the Social Net work.  It's interesting how this site works.  You connect your twitter account and soon facebook account with it and its like a social networking tool.  It posts it your listings from your ebay site on their site, and also connects with your social networking site letting people know your listings.  So far it's generated 64 clicks for me in the first day, and so far I have about 8 potential buyers!  The only sucky part is you only get 3 listings a day, or you can upgrade to the 10, or 50.  But it's very inexpensive 10 clicks - 2.50, and 50 - 3.00 is way worth it.  Well people let me know if any of these sites work for you.  Take care, and God Bless.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

To buy or not to BUY that is the question...

This past month has been, well lets just say it's been a lonngggg month.  Just to let you know this post is asking you my readers your advice on e-commerce.   Here is my dilemma.....
  • I currently have a site that is built to sell on ebay, but it's a dummy site "store front".  Using auctiva.
  • I want to expand my business with either drop ship or wholesale inventory. 
  • I honestly don't want to use ebay anymore due to the final closing fees. (But I'm debating if what I sell will it be worth it or balance out?)
  • I want to be able to edit my store front the way I'd like it.
  • I don't want to spend so much money monthly, but I do want to be able to have freedom with editing.
  • Are using the actual free trails worth my time?
(I mean I understand if you want something for less, you should expect less, but I'm debating on which one and how it's working out for others.)
 Does anybody use any of these sites below?
    I currently have the free site, but there are a couple of options that I'm considering paying for, like the $15 a month deal, but I don't like the fact the site is full of adds that I can't make money from, you know what I mean?
    This site offers a free web store, but only allows 15 items, then after that if you want to expand you can move up to the $10 for 50 items or $19 for 150 items.  So far I pretty much like this one because of the ease of customizing the layouts.
    I'm this site because it is drop and drag to customize your layout.  I don't like the pop out for making payments with paypal.  I feel the customer will confused on why there is a pop out for a certain item, or they have a pop up blogger which then makes them have to take the time to turn it off.  It's not shopping friendly to my point of view.
These are pretty much all my free to really cheap options.  I've also checked out
Well if you have any suggestions or advice for me post it here or email me at  Thank you again for everyone that visits this site.  I also want to let some of you know I just now got your emails because I hardly check the email address that I guess I have for this site, which I will be changing now, so please bare with me, and I will respond to your emails shortly :)  God bless you all.